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Preguntas frecuentes

When it is recommended to get a massage? It is only when I’m in pain?

When you feel it, you don’t have to wait until you’re sick and can’t move to get a massage, that’s a big mistake!

Do not ignore those small discomforts that are mild at first but get worse over time, then go to treat them and expect an immediate result. More than 80% of the musculoskeletal discomfort that we suffer in our day to day life is eliminated after a few massage sessions.

Stress, anxiety, insomnia and fatigue can be eliminated in a single session.


Can pregnant women get a massage?

Of course. This is one of my favorite services. Every mom-to-be needs a moment of peace, care, and lots of love.

Since when is it not a risky pregnancy and always consult your doctor first. Its benefits are several:

Relieves fatigue in the sacral area, lumbar area, favors the venous return of the legs, reduces swelling, stress and of course, the baby also benefits from receiving every gesture from the uterus.

I work both on a massage bed and on a futon.

A soft massage, with special oils, passive stretching, where you will be very comfortable, surrounded by pillows and lots of love.

What does SATTVA mean?

Sattva is one of the three gunas (virtues, attributes, qualities) in the Hindu Samkhya philosophy.

In the practice of spiritual yoga and Ayurveda, people seek to invite and maintain balance of self, mind and body through these three qualities. Sattva: (light, harmony, joy, strength, moral and spiritual value)

Rajas: (activity, movement, passion)

Tamás: (darkness, sloth, destruction)

The quality of Sattva represents clarity and balance, manifesting as health, purity, cleanliness, clarity, weightlessness, peace, spiritual awareness, harmony, compassion and love. It is the quality of goodness, joy and nobility. It is free from fear, violence, anger and malice.

 The sattvic quality is pure and tolerant. It is the guna that people want to increase in order to reach the state of Samadhi or Liberation.

The one who remains in Sattva experiences an increase of light, purity, peace and harmony. We went on to live with less effort and towards greater development.

 To maintain a sattvic state, diet and lifestyle are very important.

Sattvic foods are fresh and pure and grow above ground, receiving their positive energy from sunlight.

By living a non-violent lifestyle, surrounding yourself with positive people, and participating in activities that bring you and others joy, you increase the sattvic elements in your mind and body.

How many Wood Therapy sessions do I need?

“The results will depend on each person, I have seen very notable changes, especially in the reduction of orange peel skin, in just one session.”

In general, the results, in the form of smoother skin with less adiposity, can be seen from the first session, but the most spectacular results are achieved after the third.

A minimum of 10 sessions is recommended.

It will also depend on the length of stay and whether it is combined with another type of treatment. Sessions last 60 min.

I use specific oils like rice and algae and special essences to help in the process.

What is a sport massage?

I understand by sports massage a set of techniques whose objectives are to prepare the tissues for a future effort, prevent future injuries, recover from injuries and improve the state of muscle tissues after a great competition.

In other words, its audience are athletes who are preparing for a competition, who have just made an intense muscular effort and those with injuries or ailments that need to be repaired.

However, sports massage can also be used for maintenance, being an essential part of an athlete’s routines.


What are the benefits of a massage?

You can feel immediate benefits! relaxes the muscles, the mind, a great release of energy is felt, it also activates blood and lymphatic circulation and eliminates toxins.


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