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Movement is a medicine to create physical, emotional and mental changes.Carol Welch






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International dancer, teacher, belly dance choreographer and creator of the BELLYPILAS method.

Bellydance has been in my life for more than 16 years. I studied with great eminences of dance from various parts of the world, I have been traveling as a dancer for 3 years in a row improving my technique and learning from its roots in countries such as Egypt, Turkey, Morocco and India.

“It’s more than a dance, it’s my lifestyle”

 I firmly believe as a therapist that movement is one of the best tools we have for a healthy life. Adopting it as a lifestyle was the best decision I have ever made!

 Through movement we generate a large number of substances that help calm our stress axes, which today are altered by the rhythm we have.


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My teaching method, BELLYPILAS, is based on my experience as a dancer and knowledge as a Pilates therapist and instructor. Focused on optimal body positioning, pelvic floor strengthening, flexibility, mobility and breathing.

 Private personalized classes or small groups of oriental dance and physical conditioning for dancers.

Amora at your event

Amora offers a great show that is diverse, artistic and full of positive energy for your event. Amora is available to dance in restaurants, public cultural events and family or business events, weddings and birthdays. The show usually lasts between 15 and 30 minutes. To hire Amora, just send a whatsapp or contact by email.

Give a touch of mystery, joy, color and elegance to your event.


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